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Range Expansion (Woody Plants: Miscellaneous)

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Range Expansion (Woody Plants: Miscellaneous)

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* -- Plant Species Shifting Downslope in Response to Climate Warming

* -- Two Decades of Global Dryland Vegetation Change

* -- U.S. Climate Change and Its 20th-Century Biological Consequences

* -- The Long-Distance Gene Flow of Trees

* -- Effects of Rising Temperatures on the Progamic Phase of High-Mountain Plants

* -- Fifty Years of Increasing Tree Densities on South African Savannas

* -- CO2 and Global Vegetation: From the Last Glacial Maximum to the Pre-Industrial Holocene

* -- Vegetation Changes of the Semi-Arid Region of South Africa

* -- Why Plants Sometimes Migrate Downhill as Temperatures Rise

* -- The Case Against Climate Envelope Models of Species Range Shifts

* -- The Expanding Monsoon Rainforests of Australia

* -- African Savanna Trees Owe Their Increasing Abundance to Increases in the Air's CO2 Content

* -- Storms, Fires and Insect Pests: Bad for Trees in a Warming World?

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Forest Ecosystem Succession

* -- Woody Plant Encroachment and Groundwater Recharge

Black Cottonwood Trees of Alberta, Canada

The Monsoon Rainforests of Northern Australia

Woody Plants Invading Grasslands: Effects on Soil Carbon Storage

The Fate of Earth's Trees in a Rapidly Warming World

Enhanced Consumption of Methane by Soils May Slow Global Warming as Ranges of Hardwood Trees Expand

A Bright Future for the Biosphere

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on Quercus myrsinaefolia Saplings

Pasture and Rangeland Responses to Elevated CO2

CO2, Vegetation and Climate: Learning from the Past