How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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I was just wondering if you folks have a financial stake in disbelieving that global warming is happening?

Submitted by: Christine Sheff

No.  We have no financial stake in either believing or disbelieving that global warming is happening.  Indeed, we fail to see how financial considerations would be related to one's belief or non-belief in a physical phenomenon.  Physical evidence, for or against the proposition, would seem to us to be what would be needed to form an opinion on the matter.

We also feel a need to correct an inference that could be derived from your question, which presupposes that we disbelieve the world is warming.  Quite to the contrary, we believe there is ample evidence to demonstrate that the globe has warmed substantially over the past couple of centuries, although we feel there has been little net temperature change over the last seven decades.  The issue of concern, about which the nations of the earth are currently trying to decide what to do, is what may have caused that warming.  Some people believe it is the result of the rise in the air's CO2 content that occurred over the same time period.  Others, such as ourselves, feel there is insufficient evidence to make that claim.  In fact, we feel there is evidence to refute it (see our Vol. 2, No. 7 Editorial Commentary CO2 and Temperature: The Great Geophysical Waltz).