How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis (Miscellaneous)

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Nitrogen (Progressive Limitation Hypothesis: Miscellaneous)


* -- Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in a Desert Ecosystem under Elevated CO2

* -- A Test of the Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis Following 10 Years of CO2 Enrichment in an Oak Ecosystem

* -- The Relationship Between CO2-induced Plant Growth Stimulation and Nitrogen Acquisition

* -- The Impacts of Nitrogen Applications on Paddy Field Agriculture

* -- The Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis Takes Another Hit

* -- The World's Longest Ecosystem CO2 Enrichment Study

* -- Carbon-Nitrogen Cycle Models of Forest Responses to Elevated CO2

* -- A Treeline Ecosystem in a CO2-Enriched World

* -- The Net Effect of Simultaneous Increases in Air Temperature and CO2 Concentration on Plant Biomass Production

* -- Will There Be Enough Nitrogen?

* -- Photosynthetic Responses to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment in the Long-Term Duke Forest Face Experiment

* -- Nitrogen Cycling within Forests Growing in a Warmer World

* -- Anthropogenic Inputs of Nitrogen to the Environment

* -- Does Too Little Nitrogen and Too Much Ozone Cancel the Benefits of the Aerial Fertilization Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment?

* -- Photosynthetic Down Regulation of Young Hybrid Larch Trees in Nitrogen Poor and Rich Soil

* -- Forests Find More Nitrogen in the Soils of a Warming World

* -- A New Model Search for the "Missing Sink" of Anthropogenic CO2

* -- Roots of CO2-Enriched Trees Seek Out Needed Nitrogen

* -- Long-Term CO2-Enrichment of Mature Deciduous Forest Trees

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Regenerating Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

* -- Dark Septate Root Endophytic Fungi, CO2 and Trees

* -- Effect of Elevated CO2 on Uptake of Organic Nitrogen from Soil

* -- The Depths to Which Some Roots Will Go

* -- The Long-Term Response of Plant Photosynthesis to Elevated CO2

* -- Reactive Nitrogen in the Biosphere: Too Little or Too Much?

* -- Elevated CO2 Is Claimed to Inhibit Plant Nitrate Assimilation and Subsequent Growth ... AGAIN!!! ...

* -- Soluble Exudates Produced by Ectomycorrhizal Roots of Scots Pine Trees

* -- Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Early Root Growth of Tomato Plants

* -- Progressive Nitrogen Limitation in a Brackish Tidal Marsh

* -- The Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis is Refuted by the Palaeorecord of the Late Quaternary

* -- How Progressive Nitrogen Limitation to Growth May Be Avoided in CO2-Enriched Air

* -- CO2 Enrichment of a Scrub-Oak Woodland Low in Nitrogen

* -- Do Earth's Soils Contain Enough Nitrogen for Its Plants to Receive the Full Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment?

* -- The Impact of Soil Nitrogen Availability on Global Warming

* -- The Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis

The Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis Takes Another Hit

Progressive Nitrogen Limitation after Eight Years of CO2 Enrichment of Young Aspen and Birch Trees

The Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis

The Photosynthetic Response of a Short-Rotation Poplar Plantation to Elevated CO2 after Six Years of Treatment

Photosynthetic Responses of Understory Tree Seedlings to Seven Years of Elevated CO2

CO2 Effects on Ponderosa Pine Fine Roots

Nitrogen Uptake by Soil Microbes: The Long (Term) and the Short (Term) of It

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Six-Year Open-Top Chamber Study of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Sweetgum Forest

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Scrub Oak Forest

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in Numerous Ecosystems

Will Lack of Nitrogen Limit the Ability of Earth's Forests, Shrublands and Grasslands to Slow the Rate of Rise of the Air's CO2 Content?