How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Nitrogen (Cycling)

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Nitrogen (Cycling)


Elevated CO2 Improves the Nitrogen Resorption Efficiency of Red Maple

Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in CO2-Enriched Forests

Impacts of Thawing Permafrost on Nitrogen in Subarctic Peatlands

Soil Carbon and Nitrogen in a CO2-Enriched Sweetgum Plantation

Carbon and Nitrogen in the Soil of a Sweetgum Plantation after Eleven Years of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Ocean Acidification and the Marine Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycling within Forests Growing in a Warmer World

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Nitrogen Gas Emissions from Desert Soil

Forests Find More Nitrogen in the Soils of a Warming World

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Drought Stress on Nitrogen Metabolism in Barley

The Effect of Nitrogen Deposition on Forest Soil Respiration

Shrub Expansion Along a Coastal Soil Chronosequence

Effect of Elevated CO2 on Uptake of Organic Nitrogen from Soil

The Shuttling of Nitrogen from One-Year-Old to Current-Year Foliage in CO2-Enriched Atmospheres

The Plasticity of Plant Strategies for Acquiring Nitrogen

Eight Years of Free-Air CO2 Enrichment of Loblolly Pines

Aggrading Ecosystems Require More Nitrogen ... and Find It

Another Strike Against the Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis

CO2 Effects on Ponderosa Pine Fine Roots

Nitrogen Uptake by Soil Microbes: The Long (Term) and the Short (Term) of It

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Six-Year Open-Top Chamber Study of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings

Nitrogen Mineralization in the Long-Term Swiss FACE Study

The Role of Soil Nitrogen in Perennial Grassland Response to Elevated CO2

A Meta-Analysis that Claims to Support the PNL Hypothesis

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in Numerous Ecosystems

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Scrub Oak Forest

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Loblolly Pine Forest

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Sweetgum Forest

Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Increase Soil Nitrogen Contents

Arctic Tundra Ecosystems: Will They Gain or Lose Carbon if Arctic Temperatures Rise Substantially in the Future?

Nitrogen Cycling in a CO2-Enriched Sweetgum Plantation

Ten Years of Free-Air CO2 Enrichment of Perennial Ryegrass

Nitrogen Dynamics in the Duke Forest FACE Study

Nitrogen Dynamics in a Slightly-CO2-Enriched Pasture

CO2-Induced Soil Microfauna Changes in a New Zealand Pasture

Will Less-Than-Adequate Nitrogen Keep Earth's Ecosystems from Positively Responding to Increases in Atmospheric CO2?

More Evidence that Nitrogen Availability Is Not the Primary Factor Controlling Soil Carbon Sequestration in a CO2-Enriched Environment

Fine-Root Responses to Elevated CO2 in Loblolly Pine and Sweetgum Forests

Soil Carbon Response of Grasslands to Woody Plant Invasions

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Litter Decomposition in Desert Ecosystems

Will Lack of Nitrogen Limit the Ability of Earth's Forests, Shrublands and Grasslands to Slow the Rate of Rise of the Air's CO2 Content?

Does Soil Nitrogen Availability Limit Ecosystem Productivity Response to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment?

What Should Be Done About the Excess Nitrogen Fertilizer That Is Claimed to be Wreaking Havoc with Earth's Forests?

The Reservoir of Nitrogen Hidden Beneath Earth's Deserts

Effects of Elevated CO2 on N-Mineralisation and Enzyme Activities in a Calcareous Grassland