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Climate Oscillations (Millennial Variability: North America)

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Climate Oscillations (Millennial Variability: North America)
Natural Variability of Climate (Millennial Variability: North America)
Oscillations of Climate (Millennial Variability: North America)
Variability of Climate (Millennial Oscillations: North America)

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* -- Just How Icy was the Little Ice Age?

* -- The Holocene Climate of the North Atlantic Region

* -- A 4000-Year History of Greenland Surface Temperature

* -- Temperatures of the Past Six Millennia in Alaska

* -- A Millennium of Climate Change in Western Canada

* -- The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in San Francisco Bay

* -- The Medieval Warm Period in Southeastern Mexico

* -- Century-Long Warm and Cold Periods of the Past 2000 Years in Southern Alaska

* -- Holocene Climatic Oscillations of the USA's Mid-Atlantic Region

A 900-Year Record of δ18O Data from the Western Pacific's California Current

Millennial-Scale Climate Change in New Jersey, USA

Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region of North America

Millennial-Scale Climate Variation at Chesapeake Bay, USA

The Late Holocene Millennial-Scale Oscillation of Climate in Western Canada

A 2000-Year History of Climate Change in Alaska

Holocene Climate in the Gulf of Mexico

The Incredible Regularity of Periodic Abrupt Climate Change

Millennial-Scale Shifting of Moisture Regimes in Western Canada

Thirteen Thousand Years of Storminess in the Northeastern United States

More Evidence for Millennial-Scale Climate Oscillations

Holocene Climate off the Coast of Nova Scotia

The Variable Energy Output of the Sun Appears to Be the Major Determinant of Decadal- to Millennial-Scale Global Climate Change

Comparisons of Climate and Atmospheric CO2 Changes During the Last Glacial Period