How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Response of Marine Plants to Changes in Temperature

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Marine Biota (Response to Temperature: Marine Plants)

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* -- Evolutionary Thermotolerance of a Marine Diatom

* -- The Response of a Phytoplankton Species to Warming in a Field Setting

* -- The Role of Intertidal Macro-Algae in a Future High-CO2 World

* -- Impacts of Warming on Phytoplankton Biodiversity and Productivity

* -- Can Earth's Phytoplankton Adapt to Predicted Oceanic Warming?

* -- Reducing Local Environmental Stressors Can Help Marine Canopy Algae to Survive the Potential Negative Effects of Global Stressors

* -- No Great Need to Worry about Earth's Kelp in a Warming World

* -- Pathogen Pressure on Seagrass: Helped or Hindered by Warming?

* -- The Climate Envelope Concept Is Not Applicable to the Real World

* -- Global Climate Change and Red Seaweed Production in China

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Climate Change and Marine Productivity

Emerging Carbon Sinks of Antarctica

Siliceous Phytoplankton of a Middle Eocene Warming Event

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Primary Production in the Southern Ocean: 1997-2006

Warming-Induced Increases in Ocean Productivity

Ocean Productivity in a Warming World

North Atlantic Regime Shift: Is It Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Primary Productivity in a Southern Chilean Fjord

Global Ocean Productivity

Recent Increases in Arabian Sea Productivity

Primary Production in the Adriatic Sea

A Half-Century History of Chlorophyll in the Northeast Atlantic

Phytoplankton of the Southern Ocean: 1965-2002

Return of the Giant Kelp Revisited

Ocean Productivity: Its Response to Global Warming

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