How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Response of Other Marine Life to Changes in Temperature

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Response of Other Marine Life to Changes in Temperature

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* -- The Exceptional Resilience of Oyster Reefs to Sea Level Rise

* -- The Unsuspecting Thermotolerance of an Antarctic Bivalve

* -- How Not to Underestimate Mussel Heart Rate and Thermal Tolerance

* -- How Sea Turtle Embryos May Adapt to Potential Global Warming

* -- The Impact of Warming and Hypoxia on Mediterranean Pen Shells

* -- arental Passage of Thermal Tolerance on to Juvenile Sea Cucumbers

* -- Flatback Turtles Facing the Heat of Projected Climate Change

* -- Environmental Sex Determination in Loggerhead Sea Turtles

* -- Microhabitats: Thermal Refugia for Rocky Intertidal Invertebrates

* -- Environmental Sex Determination in Loggerhead Sea Turtles

* -- How Blue Mussels Are Expanding Their Presence in the High Arctic

* -- Responses of Barents Sea Productivity to Recent Climate Change

* -- Gorgonians' Thermal History Dictates Their Response to Warming

* -- Marine Life "Goes with the Flow" of Changing Water Properties

* -- The World's Longest-Running Tropical Sponge Study

* -- Cetaceans of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea: Going, Going ... Gone???

* -- Thermal History Impacts Thermal Tolerance of Freshwater Mussels

Could the Black Katy Chiton Survive a Period of Rapid Oceanic Warming?

The Ability of Marine Turtles to Adapt to Warmer Environments

Larval Sponge Responses to Elevated Seawater Temperatures

Surviving Global Warming Without Migrating Very Far

Not All Australian Marine Fauna Obeying Climate-Alarmist Dogma

On Determining Changes in Intertidal Marine Species Ranges

Prospects for Sea Urchin Development in Warmed Waters Southeast of Australia

Effects of Way-Above-Average Warming on Tasmanian Reefs

Baffin Bay Narwhals: Their Response to 20th-Century Climate Change

* -- Effects of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity

* -- Sea Turtles Stunned by Cold