How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Climate Model Inadequacies (Oceans)

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Climate Models (Inadequacies: Oceans)


Problems in CMIP5 Modeling of Atlantic Multi-Decadal Variability

Modelling the Arabian Sea SST Evolution from Spring to Summer

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

CMIP5 Models Predict the Future of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean

Community Earth System Model version 1 (CESM1) Problems

Serious Climate Model Biases in Earth's Eastern Tropical Oceans

Uncorrected Climate Model Biases Over the Tropical Indian Ocean

Modelling Caribbean Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Trends

Errors in Modelling the South Indian Ocean Thermocline Dome

Modelling the Air-Sea Coupling Over the North Atlantic Ocean

Exploring a Plethora of Biases in State-of-the-Art Climate Models

CMIP3 & CMIP5 Climate Models: Still Trying to Get Things Right

Evaluating AGCM Simulations of Tropical Temperature Trends

A Comparison of Modeled and Observed Sea Surface Temperatures

CMIP5 Ensemble Biases in the Southeast Tropical Atlantic

Modelling the Seasonal SST Cycle of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific

Modelling Sea Surface Temperatures at the Sub-Regional Scale

Modeling the Indian Ocean Zonal Dipole Mode of Earth's Climate

CMIP5 Assessments of Indian Ocean Basin-Wide and Dipole Modes

Modelling SST Variability in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean

Modelling Southern Ocean Climate

The Indo-Australian Monsoon in CMIP3 and CMIP5 Simulations

A Climate Model that Apparently Produces No Realistic Predictions

Relating to the Reliability of Seasonal to Decadal SST Forecasts

Westerly Biases Over the Equatorial Atlantic

Modeling Oceanic Carbon Uptake and Storage

The Indian Ocean Dipole in CMIP5 Models

Modeling the East Asian-Western North Pacific Monsoon & ENSO

Southern Ocean Water Mass Circulation and Characteristics

Modeling Southern Ocean Bottom Water Characteristics

Proper Modeling of the Seychelles Dome: Is Progress Being Made?

Southern Ocean Bottom Water Formation in CMIP5 Models

Simulating the Southwestern Indian Ocean's Seychelles Dome

Problems Modeling Air-Sea Fluxes and Sea Surface Temperatures

More Problems with State-of-the-Art Climate Models

More Problems with Decadal Climate-Model Prediction Skills

Simulating the North Atlantic European Regional Climate

Tropical Sea Surface Temperature Biases in CMIP 3 & 5 Models

Initial Testing of IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Climate Models

Simulating the Equatorial Pacific Cold Tongue

Simulating Earth's Southern Ocean and Its Climate

Climatic Impacts of Intermittent Tropical Cyclone-Induced Alterations in Sea Surface Temperature

Climate Model Failures in the Southeast Pacific Ocean

Testing the Entire Suite of IPCC AR4 Models

Surface Air Temperatures Over the Arctic Ocean

What Controls the Global Thermohaline Circulation?

A 1000-Year Record of Spring Sea Ice Conditions in Baffin Bay

Arctic Sea Ice: In Retreat? Due to Global Warming? Caused by CO2?