How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Response of Fish to Changes in Temperature

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Fish (Response of Fish to Changes in Temperature)
Marine Biota (Response to Temperature: Fish)

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* -- Transgenerational Acclimation to Warming of a Reef Fish

* -- The Declining Gulf of Maine Cod Stock is Not Driven by Global Warming

* -- The Physiological Acclimation of the Common Clownfish to Global Warming

* -- How a Coral Reef Fish Might Adapt to Future Global Warming

* -- Acclimation of a Tropical Clownfish Species to Global Warming

* -- Impact of Heat on the Swimming Speed of a Common Damselfish

* -- The Ability of Tropical Reef Fish to Acclimate to Global Warming

* -- Warming-Assisted Rapid Evolution of a Parasitic Host

* -- Warming Prompts Range Expansion of West Australian Reef Fish

* -- Redband Trout Feeling the Heat of a Desert ... But Adapting to It!

* -- Both Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors Shape Responses of Marine Life to Ocean Warming

* -- Brook Trout's Thermal Tolerance in a Potentially Warming World

* -- Atlantic Salmon Unthreatened by Future Global Warming

Gene Expression Plasticity Evolution in Threespine Stickleback Fish

Effects of Minor Coral Bleaching Events on Juvenile Butterflyfishes

Rapid Evolution of Reproductive Traits in Response to Warming

* -- The Values and Virtues of Protected Reef Fish Communities

The Delayed Benefits of Larval-Stage Stresses in a Marine Fish

Seahorses in a Future Warmer World

Developmental Thermal Acclimation in a Species of Damselfish

How Warming Impacts Male Capelin Choice of Spawning Habitat

Microevolution in Alaskan Pink Salmon in Response to Warming

Tropical Fish May be Well Prepared to Cope with Global Warming

Sub-Tropical Reef-Fish in a Warming World

Responses of Northeast Atlantic Fish to Rapid Regional Warming

Parasite Infestation of Young Sockeye Salmon in a Warming World

Global Warming and the Survival Rate of Juvenile Hokkaido Chum Salmon

Juvenile Marine Fish Learning to Take the Heat

Heat Tolerance in Antarctic Fish

Effects of Predicted Climate Change on Australian Fisheries ... and More!

North Atlantic Regime Shift: Is It Déjà Vu All Over Again?