How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Hurricanes (Global)

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Hurricanes (Global)

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* -- Forty-five Years of Extremely Intense Worldwide Hurricane Data

* -- Tropical Cyclones in High-Resolution Global Climate Models

Global Tropical Cyclone Activity of the Past Five Thousand Years

* -- A Global Analysis of Historical Tropical Cyclone Landfalls

Climatic Impacts of Intermittent Tropical Cyclone-Induced Alterations in Sea Surface Temperature

Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Sea Surface Temperatures

* -- A Positive Biological Effect of Tropical Cyclone Activity

Tropical Cyclones: Their Future and Our Fate

Tropical Cyclones and Global Climate Change

Global Tropical Cyclone Activity

The Ups and Downs of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Western Hemisphere

Global Tropical Storm Days

Intense Tropical Cyclones in a Warming World

Paleotempestology: A Review of the Fledgling Research Field

The Impact of Climate Change on Typhoon Activity

Tropical Cyclone Genesis

Is "The Science" Really Settled?

Global Warming and Tropical Cyclones

Have Hurricane Intensities Increased as the World has Warmed?

Extreme Tropical Cyclone Trends

Hurricane Activity of the Past Two Decades

* -- Hurricanes and Global Warming: Is There a Connection?

Effects of Global Warming on Tropical Cyclones: Predicted and Observed

Hurricane Intensity vs. Temperature

* -- Hurricanes and Oceanic Carbon Sequestration: Another Negative Feedback Process to Slow Global Warming

* -- Tropical Cyclones in a Warmer World

Tropical Cyclones and Global Climate Change

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 on Hurricanes