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Hurricanes (Atlantic Ocean - Global Warming Effects: Frequency, The Past Century)

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Hurricanes (Atlantic Ocean - Global Warming Effects: Frequency, The Past Century)

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* -- Seventeen Decades of Hurricanes Data in the USA

* -- No Significant Trend in U.S. Hurricanes Over the Period 1900-2017

* -- Continental U.S. Hurricane Trends Unimpacted by a 100 ppm Increase in CO2

* -- Some Like It Hot! ... But Not, Apparently, Atlantic Hurricanes

* -- The Ability to Identify Category 4 and 5 Atlantic Hurricanes with Mid-20th-Century Tools

* -- Atlantic Warm Pool Influences on U.S. Land-Falling Hurricanes

Tropical Storms of the North Atlantic Ocean

Impacts of Tropical Cyclones on U.S. Forests

Tropical Cyclones of the North Atlantic

A Century and a Half of Atlantic Hurricane Activity

Return Periods of U.S. Landfalling Hurricanes

On Deriving a History of Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Numbers

The 2005 Hurricane Season

A Twentieth-Century History of North Atlantic Hurricanes

North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones: Are Any of Their Properties Affected by Regional, Hemispheric or Global Warming?

The Atlantic Hurricane Activity Transition of 1994/95

Gulf of Mexico Landfalling Hurricanes

Landfalling Atlantic Basin Hurricanes: Are They Increasing?

Extreme Weather Events: Are They Increasing in Frequency or Intensity?

Hurricane Statistics of the Atlantic Basin