How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Health Effects of Temperature (General)

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Health Effects (Temperature: General)
Temperature (Health Effects: General)
Mortality (Temperature: General)


The Impact of the Diurnal Temperature Range on Human Mortality in China

The Relationship Between Childhood Bronchitis and Diurnal Temperature Range

Adapting to Warming in Japan: What Has Been Discovered to Date

The Inverse Relationship Between Temperature and Heart Disease Deaths in Alabama

An Inverse Relationship Between Cancer Death Rates and County Temperature in Florida, USA

Will Rising Temperatures Increase the Health Risk of Skin Cancer?

Effects of Diurnal Temperature Range on Child Bacillary Dysentery

The Impact of Global Warming on Ciguatera Illness in Florida

Temperature-Related Deaths in a Warming World

Dying From Heat in New York City

Childhood Diarrhea: What's Diurnal Temperature Range Got to Do with It?

Declining Diurnal Temperature Range Increases Human Longevity

The Warming of Max and Min Global Terrestrial Temperatures

Health Effects of Increasing Diurnal Temperature Range in Korea

Dying from Heat in a Warming World

Population Demographics and Heat-Related Mortality

Controlling the Adverse Consequences of Human Pathogens

The West Nile and Saint Louis Encephalitis Viruses

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases: Unfinished Business

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases

Evolving Ideas about Climate and Human Disease

Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Australia