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Health Effects of Temperature (Hot vs. Cold Weather: Europe)

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Health Effects (Temperature: Hot vs. Cold Weather - Europe)
Temperature (Health Effects: Hot vs. Cold Weather - Europe)
Mortality (Hot vs. Cold Weather - Europe)

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* -- Cold-related Mortality Dwarfs Heat-related Mortality in Portugal

* -- Indications of Recent (and Future) Heat Adaptation in Madrid and Seville, Spain

* -- Temperature-related Excess Mortality in Twelve German Cities

* -- Testing for a Temperature Effect on Homicides in New York and London

* -- The Changing Relative Risk of Heat-Related Mortality in Spain

* -- Warmer Winters Reduce Mortality in Europe

* -- Human Adaptation to Climate Change in France

* -- Dying from Heat and Cold in Spain: Which is the Greater Killer?

* -- Dying from Heat and Cold in Madrid: Which Extreme Dominates?

* -- Dying from the Summer Heat Waves of 1996-2012 in Slovakia

* -- Dying from Heat and Cold in Australia and the United Kingdom

* -- The Impacts of Warming on Myocardial Infarctions and Acute Coronary Angiographies

* -- Heat- and Cold-Induced Deaths in Copenhagen, Denmark

* -- Dying From Heat Waves and Cold Spells in the Czech Republic

* -- Heat and Death in Vienna, Austria

* -- Cardiovascular Deaths and the Weather in Budapest

* -- Two-and-a-Half Millennia of European Climate Variability and Societal Responses

* -- Lives Saved per Life Lost Due to Global Warming

* -- Human Mortality in Castile-Leon, Spain

* -- Cold-Related Mortality in Europe

* -- Deaths Induced by Seasonable Heat and Cold in France

* -- Temperature-Related Mortality in London

* -- Mortality Impact of the August 2003 Heatwave in France

* -- Effects of Temperature on Human Mortality in Scotland

Unusually Cold Days in Madrid

Winter Temperatures and Mortality in England

Mortality in London: Summer Heat vs. Winter Cold

On the Number of Deaths Attributed to the European Heat Wave of 2003

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Visits to the Doctor by the Elderly: The Role of Temperature

Deaths in Oslo, Norway

Global Warming: A Matter of Life and Death

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SO2, CO, Smoke or Low Temperature: Which Kills More?

Global Warming Would Reduce Mortality in Europe