How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Interaction of CO2 and Light on Plant Growth

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Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Light)

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* -- The Response of Six Tropical Legumes to CO2 Enrichment in Low Light Conditions

* -- Interactive Effects of Light and CO2 on Coffee Growth

* -- Elevated CO2 Improves Tomato Growth Under Low Light Conditions

* -- The Interactive Effects of CO2 and Light Intensity on Lettuce Growth

* -- The Interactive Effects of CO2 and Light Intensity on Orchid Flowering

* -- The Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Irradiance on Tomato

* -- The Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Low Light Intensity on Hot Pepper

* -- The Positive Impacts of Elevated CO2 on Two Light-Stressed Lettuce Cultivars

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Photosynthetic Induction in two Populus Species

Overcoming Photoinhibition in a Tropical Tree Species

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment of Tree Seedlings in Deep and Moderate Shade

CO2 Effects on Cork Oak Seedlings Exposed to High Light and Water Stress

Effect of Elevated CO2 on Photosynthesis and Growth in a Sunfleck Light Regime

Effects of Variable CO2 Concentration and Light Intensity on Photosynthesis in Winter Wheat

Response of Tropical Vines to Elevated CO2 in Deep Shade

Photosynthetic Acclimation: Is It Affected by Light Availability?

Photosynthetic Consequences of Elevated CO2 in Low Light Environments

Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Enhanced the Growth of Ancient Polar Forests

Trees Can Positively Respond to Elevated Levels of Atmospheric CO2 at Very Low Levels of Sunlight

Shade Tolerance in Woody Species: Does It Enhance or Hinder Growth Response to Elevated CO2?

The Significance of UV-B Radiation Level to CO2-Enrichment Studies

Carbon Sequestration in CO2-Enriched Forest Understory Trees

Environmentally-Stressed Plants Respond to Elevated CO2

Photosynthetic Response of Sun and Shade Leaves to Elevated CO2

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Light Intensity on Fungal-Plant Relationships in Potato

Responses of Shade-Tolerant Trees to Elevated CO2