How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Grasslands (Biomass: Whole Communities)

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Grasslands (Biomass: Whole Communities)

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* -- The Positive Response of a Permanent Grassland to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Belowground Carbon Storage in a Grassland Community

* -- A Six-Year CO2 Enrichment Study of a Phosphorus-Poor and Water-Limited Grassland

* -- CO2 Effects on Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Releases from Onions

* -- Effect of Elevated CO2 on Rhizodeposition in a Semiarid Grassland

* -- Elevated CO2: What Can It Do for Semi-Arid Shortgrass Steppe Vegetation?

* -- Response of a Nutrient-Poor Low-Productivity Calcareous Grassland to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- The Impact of Elevated CO2 and Nitrogen Fertilization on Biomass Production and Nitrogen Retention in Two Model Plant Systems

* -- California Dreamin': Some Remarks on a Recent Study of Grassland Responses to a Number of Global Environmental Changes and the Inverted Interpretation of the Study's Findings by Science Magazine and Many, Many Others

* -- Root Responses of a California Annual Grassland to Elevated CO2

* -- Will Elevated CO2 put Biodiversity at Risk in Serpentine Grasslands?

* -- Long-Term Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Nutrient-Poor Calcareous Grassland

* -- Elevated CO2 Stimulates Growth in a Shortgrass Steppe Ecosystem

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Model Grasslands of the Semi-arid Negev of Israel

Pasture and Rangeland Responses to Elevated CO2

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Phosphorus on a Calcareous Grassland

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Biomass and Competition in Irish Grasslands

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Grassland Community Structure

Effects of Competition and Nitrogen on Mixed-Species Responses to Elevated CO2

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2, Phosphorus, and Legumes on Community Productivity in a Simulated Grassland

Carbon Budgets of Two Grasslands as Affected by Elevated CO2

Effects of Elevated CO2 on an Alpine Grassland Ecosystem

Responses of a Tallgrass Prairie Ecosystem to Eight Years of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Effects of Elevated CO2 on C3 Grass Microcosms: Implications for Global Carbon Cycling