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Greening of the Earth (Europe)

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Greening of the Earth (Europe)

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* -- The Greening of the Pechora River Catchment, Russian European Arctic

* -- Two Decades of Forest Productivity Enhancement

* -- Three Decades of Aboveground Net Primary Productivity on the Eurasian Steppe

Tree Growth in the Swedish Sub-Arctic: Setting New Records

As the World Warms: Trees and Shrubs Proliferating in Sweden

The Last Half of 20th-Century European Forest Growth

The Increasing Prowess of a Stand of Danish Beech Trees

Alpine Flora Dynamics in a Warming World

Warming-Induced Vegetative Change in the Swedish Scandes

Shrubs on the Move in Alpine Tundra

Vegetation Dynamics of Spanish National Parks: 1981-2003

The Growth of Scots Pines in Northeast Spain

The Changing Response of Austrian Black Pine Trees to Periodic Water Deficits Over the 20th-Century

The Water Use Efficiency of Silver Fir Trees in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

Forest Growth Trends in Northwestern Russia

Land Surface Temperatures and Plant Productivity of Europe: 1982-1999

The Future of Earth's Vegetation: What Will the Landscape Look Like in a High-CO2 World? A Case Study of the Mediterranean Region

CO2 vs. Climate Change: Response of Mediterranean Vegetation

Vegetative Response to Rapid Climate Change in Southern Europe