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Extinction (Migrating Plants)

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Extinction (Migrating Plants)

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* -- Four Decades of Species Range Change of Sinai's High-Mountain Flora

* -- A 145-year Continent-wide Increase in Mountain-top Species Richness

* -- Two Decades of Orchid Range Dynamics in Western Europe

* -- The Ability of Rare Eucalypt Species to Cope with Global Warming

* -- Some Plants Are Just Too Stubborn to Respond to Local Warming

* -- Rock Outcrops Provide Biodiversity Refugia in Northern Patagonia

* -- U.S. Climate Change and Its 20th-Century Biological Consequences

* -- Plant Diversities on Sixty-Six Warming European Mountaintops

Fine- vs. Coarse-Scale (Envelope) Models of Climate-Induced Vegetation Change

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Global Warming and Ecosystem Species Richness

Shifts in Plant Distributions in a Warming World

Upward-Migrating Plants in the Swiss Alps

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Vegetative Response to Rapid Climate Change in Southern Europe

Ecosystem Adaptation to Millennial-Scale Climate Change