How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Solar Influence on Climate (Cosmic Rays)

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Cosmic Rays
Extraterrestrial Climatic Effects
Solar Influence on Climate (Cosmic Rays)

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Cosmic Rays, Atmospheric Ozone and Global Climate Change

Cosmic Rays and Climate Change

Cosmic Rays, Clouds and Climate: The Latest from Svensmark

Earth's Magnetic Field and Low-Latitude Precipitation

More Evidence for Solar-Driven Climate Change

The Cosmic Ray-Climate Connection

Solar Activity, Earth's Magnetic Field and Galactic Cosmic Rays

On the Pervasiveness of Millennial-Scale Climatic Cyclicity

Earth's Geomagnetic Field Intensity and Global Climate Change

Cosmoclimatology: A New Perspective on Global Warming

Meteorites and Climate Change

The Galactic Cosmic Ray-Cloud-Climate Connection

A Holocene History of Flooding in Great Britain

Past Solar Effects on Climate

* -- Galactic Cosmic Rays, Clouds and Climate Change

Does Earth's Geomagnetic Field Strength Modulate Surface Air Temperature?

Did Increasing Solar Activity Drive 20th-Century Global Warming?

* -- Solar Activity, Cosmic Rays and Earth's Temperature

Solar Activity, Cosmic Rays, Low Clouds and Climate Change

Variations in North Atlantic Surface Pressure

Climate Models and the Sun-Climate Connection: Why the Two are Currently Incompatible

* -- The Impact of Variable Solar Activity on Earth's Climate

Cosmic Rays vs. CO2: The Battle for Climate Change Primacy

Solar Activity, Cosmic Rays, Low Cloud Amounts and Surface Temperature Change

Cosmic Rays: Can They Influence Climate on Centennial and Millennial Time Scales?

The Variable Energy Output of the Sun Appears to Be the Major Determinant of Decadal- to Millennial-Scale Global Climate Change

Cosmic Rays and Climate Change

The Sun's Magnetic Field May Influence Earth's Climate

Solar Forcing of Climate: A Means of Amplification?

Decadal to Centennial Variability in the North Atlantic

A Thousand-Year History of Rainfall and Drought in Africa

Solar Forcing of Climate Change

Solar Influences on Holocene Climate

Cosmic Rays and 20th Century Climate Change

Ruminations on a Solar-Climate Link

More Evidence for a Solar-Climate Link

* --- Is interplanetary dust related to ice ages?

* -- Extraterrestrial Volatiles and Earth's Climate

* -- Room for Maneuvering