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Dark Ages Cold Period (Asia)

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Dark Ages Cold Period (Asia)

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* -- Two Thousand Years of Dust Deposition in the Aral Sea

* -- Late Holocene Climate on the Korean Peninsula

* -- Millennial Cycling of Climate in Northeast Japan

* -- Two Millennia of Temperature and Precipitation Changes in Arid Central Asia

* -- Late Holocene Climatic History: Southeastern Shelf of the Laptev Sea

* -- A 1300-Year Record of Climate Change in Northern India

* -- The Millennial-Scale Oscillation of Climate in the Qinghai-Tibetan Region of China

* -- A Pair of Two-Millennia-Long Climatic Records

* -- Another Record of Asian Monsoon Variability

* -- The Roman Warm Period and Dark Ages Cold Period in China

The Dark Ages Cold Period in China

The Temperature History of Eastern China Over the Past Two Millennia

Corals at the Southern Extreme of China Reveal Temperatures of the Roman Warm Period

Five 2000-Year Temperature Records from the Tibetan Plateau

A 2000-Year Temperature Record of a Big Chunk of China

Millennial-Scale Oscillation of Climate Recorded at Beijing

Climate Cycles in China as Revealed by a Stalagmite from Buddha Cave

A 2000-Year Tibetan Temperature History

A New Temperature History from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Two Thousand Years of Chinese Climate

Climate Change At the Source of the Holy Ganga