How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Great Barrier Reef

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Coral Reefs (Great Barrier Reef)
Great Barrier Reef

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* -- What Is the Greatest Threat to Australia's Great Barrier Reef?

* -- Land-Sourced Contaminants of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

* -- Storms of the Past Century over the Southern Great Barrier Reef

* -- Inshore Turbid Reefs of Australia: How Resilient Are They?

* -- How Earth's Coral Reefs Respond to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Global vs. Local Stressors of Calcifying Organisms on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

* -- Live Coral Cover on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

* -- Coral Reef Degradation: Anthropogenic-Induced or Natural?

* -- "Doom and Boom" on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

* -- Coral Calcification on the Great Barrier Reef

* -- High-Temperature Tolerance in Corals

* -- Evidence of Symbiont Shuffling in Great Barrier Reef Corals in Response to Warming-Induced Bleaching

* -- Acclimation to Thermal Stress in Reef-Building Corals

* -- Coral Responses to Global Warming

* -- The New Climate-Alarmist Wisdom: Both Heat and Cold May Kill Corals in a CO2-Warmed World

* -- Coral Reef Resiliency: How Strong or Weak Is It?

Bleached Corals: Grasping Victory from the Jaws of Death?

Calcification Response of Porites Corals to Global Warming

Australia's Great Barrier Reef: Resurrecting Itself, Again and Again and Again

Historical Context of the 1998 Coral Bleaching Event

Climatic Information Derived from Great Barrier Reef Coral Luminescent Lines

The Origin of Modern Coral Susceptibility to Bleaching

CO2 and Coral Calcification: Is the Tide of Pessimism About to Turn?

Trouble in Paradise

Human-Induced Destruction of Coral Reefs and Other Coastal Ecosystems

Substance Not Registered for Use in Australia Threatens Corals There

Historical Coral Growth at the Great Barrier Reef

Sediment Deposition on the Great Barrier Reef

Temperature, Bacterial Adhesion, and Coral Bleaching

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: Boon or Bane of the Biosphere?

Coral Bleaching Follows Rapid Warming

Coral Reefs: Doomed by Carbon Dioxide?

Probing the Climatic Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef