How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Decadal-Scale Climate Oscillations (North America)

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Climate Oscillations -- Decadal Variability -- North America
Natural Variability of Climate -- Decadal Variability -- North America
Oscillations of Climate -- Decadal Variability -- North America
Variability of Climate -- Decadal Oscillations -- North America

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* -- Coastal Storms of the North Atlantic Basin

* -- The Recent Climate Regime Shift in the Northeast Pacific

* -- Subarctic Water Moved South Along US West Coast in 2002

Moisture Regimes of the Northern Prairies of North America

A 2300-Year History of Climate and Water Quality Changes in Chesapeake Bay

A Thousand Years of Precipitation in the Southwestern USA

A 4000-Year Record of Climate Change in Southern Alberta, Canada

The Arctic Oscillation, ENSO and U.S. Winter Temperatures

The U.S. Hurricane - El Niņo Connection

Climate Regime Shifts in the North Pacific Ocean: Simply a Part of Nature

20th Century Trends in Canadian Precipitation

It's Snowing on the Climate Alarmists' Party

Decadal and Multidecadal Changes in Precipitation in Chesapeake Bay

Millennial Temperature Change in Alaska

A 2000-Year History of Drought