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Decadal-Scale Climate Oscillations (Asia)

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Climate Oscillations (Decadal Variability: Asia)
Natural Variability of Climate (Decadal Variability: Asia)
Oscillations of Climate (Decadal Variability: Asia)
Variability of Climate (Decadal Oscillations: Asia)

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* -- Decadal Temperature Variations at Lake Qinghai on the Tibetan Plateau

* -- Is the Global Warming Bubble About to Burst?

* -- Climate Cycles in China as Revealed by a Stalagmite from Buddha Cave

Decadal to Millennial Climate Cyclicity: A Response to Solar Activity or Tidal Action?

A New Temperature History from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Rainfall Trends in East Asia

Rapid Climate Change in China: A Common Occurrence