How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Cloud Condensation Nuclei (Climatic Effects of Biologically-Produced Aerosols and Gases)

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Clouds (Condensation Nuclei: Climatic Effects - Non-Anthropogenic)

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* -- Marine Phytoplankton and Clouds

* -- Biogenic Methyl Iodide Production in the World's Oceans

* -- Boreal Forests and Cloud Condensation Nuclei

Organic Vapors from Trees Produce Cloud Condensation Nuclei

Aquatic Algae Are An Important Part of Earth's "Bio-Thermostat"

Dimethyl Sulfide: It's Role in Stabilizing Earth's Climate

Adding to Our Knowledge of the Global-Ocean Biophysical Thermostat

A Means for Biology to Influence Climate