How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Cloud Condensation Nuclei (Biological Effects of Anthropogenic and Biologically-Produced Aerosols and Gases)

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Clouds (Condensation Nuclei: Biological Effects)

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* -- Cloud Effects on Forest Carbon Uptake

* -- Effects of Rising Air Temperature and CO2 Concentration on Monoterpene Emissions from Pine Trees

* -- The Role of Fungi in the Production of Biogenic Aerosols

CO2 Effects on Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound Releases from Onions

BVOCs: What Are They? ... and How Do They Function Within the Context of Global Climate Change?

Diffuse Light: A Powerful Promoter of Photosynthesis

Diffuse-Light-Enhanced Photosynthesis Revisited

Yet Another Biophysical Feedback Mechanism that May Help to Protect the Planet Against Deleterious CO2-Induced Global Warming