How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Carbon Sequestration and Nitrogen Effects

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Carbon Sequestration (Nitrogen Effects)
Nitrogen (Carbon Sequestration)


Global Warming Implications of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Inputs to the Environment

Woody Plants Acting as Carbon and Nitrogen Magnets

Acquisition of Soil Nitrogen by Different Tree Genotypes and Species Growing in Mixed Stands

Aggrading Ecosystems Require More Nitrogen ... and Find It

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Six-Year Open-Top Chamber Study of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings

The Role of Soil Nitrogen in Perennial Grassland Response to Elevated CO2

A Meta-Analysis that Claims to Support the PNL Hypothesis

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in Numerous Ecosystems

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Scrub Oak Forest

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Loblolly Pine Forest

CO2 Effects on Carbon and Nitrogen in a Sweetgum Forest

Nitrogen Cycling in Mojave Desert Soils

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Plant Respiration

Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Increase Soil Nitrogen Contents

Arctic Tundra Ecosystems: Will They Gain or Lose Carbon if Arctic Temperatures Rise Substantially in the Future?

Will Global Warming Cause Earth's Forests to Lose Carbon?

CO2 Effects on Nitrogen Fixation and Growth of Common Alder Trees

Nitrogen Dynamics in the Duke Forest FACE Study

Soil Carbon Response of Grasslands to Woody Plant Invasions

Effects of Nitrogen Deposition on Soil Carbon Storage

Will Lack of Nitrogen Limit the Ability of Earth's Forests, Shrublands and Grasslands to Slow the Rate of Rise of the Air's CO2 Content?

Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition: Its Long-Term Impact On Carbon Sequestration in Soils

CO2 and Nitrogen Effects on Soil Carbon Sequestration: The Whole is Often Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts