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Carbon Sequestration (Forests)

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Carbon Sequestration (Forests)
Forests (Carbon Sequestration)
Trees (Forests: Carbon Sequestration)

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* -- Soil Organic Carbon Stock Enhancement in the Forests of France

* -- Recent Carbon Dynamics in a Canadian Boreal Forest

* -- Despite Wildfire, Australia's Carbon Sink Likely to Grow in the Future

* -- Forest Topsoil Carbon Content: The Outlook for China and Beyond

* -- Warming-Enhanced Carbon Uptake by Earth's Temperate Forests

* -- Old Growth Forests Still Socking Away Carbon and Nitrogen

* -- Old Trees: The Bigger They Are, The More Carbon They Sequester

* -- Phytolith-Occluded Carbon in the Soils of China's Forests

* -- Carbon and Nitrogen in the Soil of a Sweetgum Plantation after Eleven Years of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- A Tropical Tree's Response to Modestly Elevated Atmospheric CO2

* -- Nitrogen Deposition Boosts U.S. Tree Growth

* -- Old-Growth Forests of Tropical Africa

* -- Carbon Sequestration in a Poplar Plantation

* -- Nine Years of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Relations in the Duke Forest FACE Study

* -- Forest Litter Production and Soil Carbon Sequestration

* -- Surface Greenhouse Gas Balance: Woodlands vs. Pastures

* -- The Progressive Nitrogen Limitation Hypothesis Takes Another Hit

* -- Root Respiration and Global Warming

* -- The Carbon-Sequestering Status of Old-Growth Forests

* -- The Carbon Balance of Old-Growth Forests

* -- European Forests: Carbon Sequestration vs. Biofuel

* -- The Carbon Balance of Swedish Forests

* -- Earth's Forests: Carbon Sinks of the Future? Or Not!

* -- Refractory Organic Carbon in Boreal Soils

* -- The Battle for Long-Term Storage of Carbon in Soils

* -- Ice-Storm Damage to Forests in a CO2-Enriched World

* -- Global Warming and Carbon Sequestration by Boreal Ecosystems

* -- Carbon Sequestration in the Soil of a Short-Rotation Poplar Plantation Exposed to Elevated Atmospheric CO2

* -- Effect of Global Warming on Winter Forest-Soil Respiration

* -- Six Years of Soil Carbon Dynamics in the Duke Forest FACE Study

* -- The Importance of Caveats in Scientific Studies

* -- Agroforestry in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Aboveground Net Primary Production of Poplar Trees After Canopy Closure

* -- Off-Site Carbon Sequestration by Forests

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Mature Sweetgum Trees: Much More Than Meets the Eye

* -- Old-Growth Forests: Can They Still Sequester Significant Amounts of Carbon?

* -- Will Global Warming Cause Earth's Forests to Lose Carbon?

* -- CO2 Effects on Nitrogen Fixation and Growth of Common Alder Trees

* -- Elevated CO2 Enhances the Potential for Carbon Storage in the Soils of Periodically-Burned Oak-Palmetto Ecosystems

* -- Will Less-Than-Adequate Nitrogen Keep Earth's Ecosystems from Positively Responding to Increases in Atmospheric CO2?

* -- Soil Carbon Response of Grasslands to Woody Plant Invasions

* -- Demise of Earth's Tropical Forest Carbon Sink Greatly Exaggerated

* -- Effects of a Warming Climate on Western U.S. Sagebrush

* -- The Sustainability of Carbon Sequestration by Earth's Forests in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere

* -- Forest Biomass Changes on Barro Colorado Island, Panama

* -- Tropical Forest "Weirdness" in Costa Rica

* -- Urban Trees: Their Long List of Virtues

* -- Trees in the City: A New Role for the "Ultimate Urban Multitaskers"

* -- Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on the Growth and Water Use Efficiencies of Sour Orange and Other Trees

* -- Global Warming: How It May Impact Soil Carbon Storage by Reducing the Frequency and Severity of Freezing

* -- Eastern Hemlock Productivity in a Warming World

* -- The Proclaimed Demise of Ecosystem Carbon Sequestration When Woody Plants Encroach Upon Grasslands in High-Precipitation Regions Has Little Solid Data to Support It

* -- Deciduous Forests Exert a Brake on Global Warming as They Lengthen Their Growing Seasons and Sequester More Carbon

* -- Global Warming Will Not Cause the Release of Great Quantities of Carbon from Forest Soils

* -- The Color of Carbon

* -- Will Forest Carbon Sink Capacity Fade Away as Trees Age?

* -- Woody Plants Expand Their Ranges, Pumping More Carbon Into the Soils Beneath Them, as the Air's CO2 Content Rises

* -- Trees Spend More Time Sequestering Carbon with More CO2 in the Air

* -- Long-term Effects of Elevated CO2 on Photosynthesis in Mature Oak Trees

* -- Industrial Age Leading to the Greening of the Earth?

* -- Carbon Sequestration in CO2-Enriched Forest Understory Trees

* -- Planetary Carbon Sequestration: Earth's Biosphere Flexes Its Muscles

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Root Dynamics in a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on the Growth of Birch Seedlings

* -- Carbon Sequestration by Chinese Forests

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Senescing Leaves of Deciduous Forest Species

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Leaf Litter Quality and Decomposition in Mediterranean Forest Species

Biospheric Carbon Sequestration Revisited

Photosynthetic and Growth Responses of Aspen Clones to Elevated Soil Temperature and Nutrient Availability

Modeling the High-Latitude Terrestrial Carbon Sink

Impacts of Land-Use Changes on Soil Carbon Sequestration

Response of Mature Spruce Trees to Elevated CO2

Fine Root Responses of Aspen to Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen

Biomass Responses of Aspen to Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen

Genotypic Responses of Ponderosa Pine to Elevated CO2

Short-Term Effect of Elevated CO2 on Respiration

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Ozone on Aspen Clones

Plant Growth and Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Model Calculations Based on Empirical Observations

Effects of Elevated CO2 and O3 on Leaf Nitrogen and Decomposition of Yellow-Poplar and Eastern White Pine

Biospheric Carbon Sequestration: Does It Really Work?

Length of Growing Season Variability and Consequences for Carbon Sequestration

CO2 Effects on Decomposition Rates of Native Plants

Forest Carbon Sinks Should Increase with Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

Elevated CO2 Reduces Maintenance Respiration in Roots

CO2 Emissions from Soil

Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition has Minor Effect on Carbon Sequestration in Temperate Forests

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: Boon or Bane of the Biosphere?

Does Global Warming Enhance CO2 Sequestration

CO2 Sequestration in North America

CO2 Sequestration by Tropical Forests

Old Trees in Ancient Forests

Global Environmental Change: Impact on Global Carbon Balance