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C4 Plants (Biomass)

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C4 Plants (Biomass)
Plants (C4 Plants: Biomass)

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* -- This C4 Plant Responds to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Like a C3 Plant

* -- CO2, Global Warming and Sugarcane: Prospects for the Future

* -- C4 Plants Not Always the Poorest Responders to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Response of Sugar Cane to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on C4 Grasses

* -- Elevated CO2 Enhances Growth of C4 Plants

Elevated CO2 Aids C4 Grass Growth Under Conditions of Water Stress

Effects of Increases in Atmospheric CO2 and Soil Water Content on Growth in C4 Grasses

Elevated CO2 Increases Yield in Water-Stressed Sorghum

Pasture and Rangeland Responses to Elevated CO2

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Nitrogen on Panicum Grass Species

Effects of Elevated CO2 on an Important C4 Crop: Maize

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Photosynthesis and Growth of Three C4 Species

Effects of Nocturnal Elevated CO2 Treatment on C4 Species

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Two C3 Parasitic Plants and a Common C4 Host

Responses of Pineapple to Elevated CO2 and Temperature

Responses of Wild C4 and C3 Grass Species to Elevated CO2

* -- Responses of a Tallgrass Prairie Ecosystem to Eight Years of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Responses of Three Desert Plants to Elevated CO2

* -- Effects of Fungi on Prairie Plants