How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Air Pollution (Non-Ozone): Effects on Plants

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Air Pollution (Non-Ozone) -- Effects on Plants
Climate Change (Forcing Factors -- Air Pollution (Non-Ozone): Effects on Plants)
Pollution (Air Pollution (Non-Ozone): Effects on Plants)
Forcing Factors (Air Pollution: Effects on Plants)

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* -- Can an EPA-Certified Air Pollutant Counteract the Botanical Harm Caused by a Bona Fide Soil Pollutant?

* -- CO2 vs. SO2: Effects on Photosynthesis Rates of Field-Grown Soybeans

Life-Long Exposure of Oak Trees to Elevated Concentrations of Atmospheric CO2 Counteracts the Deleterious Effects of Concomitant Exposure to Major Sulphur-Based Air Pollutants

Sulfur Dioxide Pollution of Russian Forests

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Elevated CO2 Completely Ameliorates SO2 Damage in Soybean

Airborne Transport of Biologically Significant Materials

Is Carbon Dioxide a pollutant?

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