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Agriculture (Species - Soybean: General)

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Agriculture (Species - Soybean: General)

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* -- The Impact of CO2 on the Growth and Yield of Two Soybean Cultivars

* -- The Combined Effects of CO2 and Temperature on Soybean Grain Biomass

* -- The Response of 24 Soybean Cultivars to Elevated CO2

* -- Elevated CO2 and Elevated Temperature Improve the Quantity and Quality of Soybean and Maize Yields

* -- The Impact of Elevated CO2 on Soybean Growth and Herbivore Resistance

* -- The Impacts of Elevated CO2 on Soybean Seed Quality

* -- Elevated CO2 Improves the Net Photosynthesis and Water Use Efficiency of Soybean

* -- The Interactive Effects of Temperature and CO2 on Soybean Growth and Yield

* -- Elevated CO2 Reduces the Growth-inhibiting Impacts of Potassium Deficiency on Soybean

* -- Two Soybean Cultivars Respond Positively to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

* -- Effects of CO2 Enrichment on Soybean Quantity and Quality

* -- Soybean Seed Yields Enhanced by Elevated CO2

* -- Effects of Free Air CO2 Enrichment on Soybean N, P and K Uptake

* -- Climate Change and CO2 Effects on Future Soybean Yields in Serbia

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Nitrogen Fixation in Soybeans

* -- Defense-Related Flavonoids of Soybeans

* -- Elevated CO2 and Soybeans: Ground- vs. Container-Grown Plants

* -- High Temperature and Ultraviolet-B Radiation Stresses on Soybeans

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Nitrogen Assimilation by Soybeans

* -- Climate-Mediated Changes in 20th-Century Argentina Agriculture

* -- A Half-Century Forward Look at Agricultural Production in Canada's Atlantic Provinces

* -- Soybean Pod Yield: Positive CO2 Effect vs. Negative O3 Effect

CO2 Effects on Photosynthesis and Respiration of Soybean Leaves

Effects of Elevated CO2 on the Isoflavone Content of Soybean Seeds

The Photosynthetic Response of Soybeans to Elevated CO2

Effects of Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Temperature on Soybean Seed Quality

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen Content on Nodulated and Non-Nodulated Soybeans

Farms of the Future: What Should They Grow?

Pre-Dawn/Early-Morning Enhancement of the Air's CO2 Concentration Stimulates Plant Growth

Elevated CO2 Dramatically Increases Seed Yield in an Ancestral Soybean Variety

* -- Elevated CO2 Completely Ameliorates SO2 Damage in Soybean

Elevated CO2 Reverses Negative Impact of Global Warming in Model Simulations

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Environmental Stress on Soybean

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Water Stress on Soybean

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Root Zone Temperature on Soybean

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 Daily Exposure Duration on Soybean Growth

Effects of Low and High CO2 on Soybean Growth