How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 9 Number 18:  3 May 2006

Temperature Record of the Week
This issue's Temperature Record of the week is from Dickson, TN.  Visit our U.S. Climate Data section to plot and view these data for yourself.

The Role of Soil Nitrogen in Perennial Grassland Response to Elevated CO2: A new study has been touted as indicating that insufficient soil nitrogen around the globe will gradually suppress the growth stimulation of perennial plants that is produced by the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content. But is this claim correct?

Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week
This issue's Level 2 Medieval Warm Period Record of the Week is from the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica.  To access the entire Medieval Warm Period Project's database, click here.

Subject Index Summary
Little Ice Age (Solar Influence - Precipitation): Whereas lower solar activity, such as occurred during the Little Ice Age, generally results in lower temperatures, it can result in either lower or higher precipitation, depending on geographical location.

Journal Reviews
The Origin of Past (and Future?) Abrupt Climate Changes: Is the so-called "tipping point" for induction of rapid climate change a freshwater-induced reduction of North Atlantic Deep Water formation? Or is it something else?

A 56-Year History of Global Monsoon Precipitation: How does it jibe with what is suggested by climate model simulations of CO2-induced global warming?

Global Warming and Recent Debris-Flow Activity in Switzerland: Is there any relationship between the two phenomena?

Endangered Plants on the Road to Extinction?: How are they faring in the face of the late 20th-century's supposedly unprecedented increases in air temperature and CO2 concentration?

Elevated CO2 Alleviates Effects of Salt Stress in Citrus Trees: ... which is what it does for many other stresses as well.