How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 8 Number 45:  9 November 2005

Temperature Record of the Week
This issue's Temperature Record of the week is from Madison, FL. Visit our U.S. Climate Data section to plot and view these data for yourself.

Augmenting Coral Calcification: A Newly-Recognized But Age-Old Function of Symbiotic Algae: Climate alarmists tell us earth's corals will succumb to the deleterious consequences of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 concentration.  Recent scientific discoveries provide an alternative perspective on the matter.

Subject Index Summaries
Little Ice Age (Regional: Australia/New Zealand): Was the Little Ice Age experienced half a world away from the area where it was first determined to have occurred?

Agriculture (Species - Soybean: General): How does this important agricultural crop respond to atmospheric CO2 enrichment under sometimes stressful but normal growing conditions?

Journal Reviews
Drought in Equatorial East Africa: How has it varied over the past 5400 years?

Climate Models Inch Towards Acknowledging the Reality of the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age: Really?  Yes, really!

Late Holocene Variability of Florida Current Surface Density: What was it like? ... and what was its likely cause?

Global Greening Trends: Do they reveal the dire consequences of the "twin evils" of rising temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration?

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Competition Between a Native and an Invasive C3 Grass: Is the invading grass helped or hindered by elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO2?