How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 7 Number 29:  21 July 2004

Temperature Record of the Week
This issue's Temperature Record of the week is from Anthony, Kansas. Visit our U.S. Climate Data section to plot and view these data for yourself.

Do Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Enhance or Reduce the Amount of Vegetation Consumed by Herbivores?: Most limited-species studies that have addressed this question have predicted increases in both relative and absolute herbivory in a CO2-enriched world of the future, which is music to the ears of climate alarmists and other like-minded opponents of higher-than-current concentrations of atmospheric CO2.  However, the few real-world ecosystem studies that have included full complements of naturally-occurring plant and insect species reveal something quite different.

Subject Index Summaries
Arctic Temperature Trends: Knowledge of past climate variability in the Arctic demonstrates there is nothing unusual about the current climate there, further demonstrating that nothing happening there today is indicative of CO2-induced global warming.

Methane (Agricultural Emissions): We outline some ways in which agriculture may be manipulated, both overtly and more obtusely, to slow the historical rate-of-rise of the atmosphere's methane concentration by reducing methane emissions associated with various agricultural enterprises.

Journal Reviews
Recent Dramatic Growth of Urban Heat Islands in China: What can we learn from this phenomenon about the world's temperature history over the past quarter-century?

A 110-Year History of Heavy Precipitation in Tokyo, Japan: What can it tell us about the temperature history of the planet?

A New Temperature Trend of the Lower Troposphere Derived from Reanalysis Data: How does it compare with the lower tropospheric temperature trend derived from the satellite Microwave Sounding Unit data that have been analyzed by Christy et al.?

Effects of Elevated CO2 and Heat Stress on the Grain Quality of Winter Wheat: Are rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations detrimental to the quality of flour produced from winter wheat?

Bleached Corals: Grasping Victory from the Jaws of Death?: Are earth's coral reefs doomed to be soon assigned to the ash heap of history as a consequence of global warming-induced bleaching?  Or do they possess a trick or two we have yet to thoroughly investigate that may prove their staying power?