How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 3 Number 24:  27 September 2000

Malaria in a Warmer World: Rational Projections: A new study, far superior in approach and testable results to prior studies of the same subject, has revealed that even if the earth were to warm as predicted by current climate models, the resulting climate change would have essentially no effect on the worldwide distribution of malaria, refuting the host of contrary doom-and-gloom predictions peddled by climate alarmists.

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Real-World Data Show No Arctic Warming Over Last 70 Years: A comprehensive study of near-surface air temperature records for the Arctic reveals there has been no warming there for the past 70 years, in striking contradiction of what is predicted by nearly all state-of-the-art climate models and what is regularly implied by periodic news reports of the imminent melting of the ice cover of the Arctic Ocean and the wasting away of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Climate Change in Lapland: A study of temperature trends in Finnish Lapland, where climate models predict significant CO2-induced warming should already be occurring, reveals no net warming over the past 117 years.

It's Snowing on the Climate Alarmists' Party: Recent changes in the elevation of the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet have been driven primarily by temporal variability in snow accumulation; and this variability has been determined to be typical of what has been happening there for the last few centuries.  Hence, as some are wont to say, we're "still waiting for signs of global warming."

Global Warming Would Reduce Mortality in Europe: A study of seven different regions of Europe reveals the number of cold related deaths to be nearly ten times greater than the number of heat related deaths, suggesting that an increase in temperature there would be a climate change for the better.

Societal Impact of Climate Change: Mountain or Molehill?: An analysis of current and potential problems facing humanity reveals that concern over anthropogenic CO2 emissions is given far too much weight relative to other problems of much greater import.