How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 9:  26 February 2014

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Reducing Its Own Greenhouse Effect: How does it do it???

Subject Index Summary
Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Non-Ozone Air Pollutants): Many airborne substances in addition to ozone can wreak havoc on earth's plant life. Hence, we here review a portion of the scientific literature pertaining to (1) the negative effects of some of these other unwelcome components of the planet's atmosphere and (2) how they can actually be thwarted by elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Journal Reviews
CMIP5 Models of North American Climate: How good are they?

Roman and Medieval Warmth in the Arctic Atlantic Region: How did it compare with that of the Current Warm Period?

CMIP3 & CMIP5 Models Characterizing Amazonian Precipitation: Which ones do it best?

Effects of Climate Change and Local-Scale Stressors of Coral Reefs: How do the two threats compare with each other?

Intertidal Macroalgae and the Threat of Global Warming: Caught between the worlds of sea and shore, are the intertidal plants prepared to deal with the potential negative consequences of the "dreaded" phenomenon?

Carbon Sequestration in China's Largest Lake: How significant is it?