How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 6:  5 February 2014

Simulating the South Asian Monsoon: A Revealing Status Update: Let us count the ways in which the climate models fail!

Subject Index Summary
Evolution (Terrestrial Plants: CO2-Induced): As recently as two decades ago, climate alarmists were predicting that CO2-induced global warming would occur too fast for evolutionary processes to keep pace with it, thereby greatly enhancing the probability of the extinction of numerous species of terrestrial plants. With the passage of time, however, this claim has gradually lost credibility; and it now appears that the increase in the air's CO2 content itself may hasten the development of those life-preserving and life-enhancing evolutionary processes.

Journal Reviews
A 1000-Year SST History of the NE Atlantic and Nordic Seas: What does it reveal about the relative warmth of the Medieval and Current Warm Periods?

Ten Millennia of Pacific Ocean Heat Content and Temperature: What do they tell us about the relative warmth of the Medieval and Current Warm Periods?

Are Extreme Climatic Events Caused by Extreme Forcing Factors?: A case study suggests they need not be.

Future Global Water Stress: What's CO2 got to do with it?

Marine Life "Goes with the Flow" of Changing Water Properties: Some comforting findings from a group of twenty scientists.

Marine Tubeworms in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World: Will it be "down the tube" for the unfortunate creatures?