How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 5:  29 January 2014

Modelling the Asian Summer Monsoon: Another Revealing Analysis: We report on a second list of state-of-the-art climate-model aberrations.

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Herbivory (Woody Plants: Miscellaneous): As the air's CO2 content continues to rise, what can one expect from plant pests? Will their appetites and numbers increase? Or will trees and shrubs become more resistant to them? This review describes relationships that have been observed between various herbivores and the woody plants that they attack under both current and projected atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Journal Reviews
Four Decades of "Global Warming" on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii: What were they like? ... and what do they portend for the island's inhabitants?

Including the Stratosphere in Models of Global Climate Change: What has been learned about it so far?

Modelling Decadal to Centennial Climate in the Equatorial Pacific: It might just be too difficult to do with any dependable and/or useful degree of accuracy.

Can Migrating Corals Outpace Ocean Warming and Acidification?: Several lines of evidence suggest that they can.

Atmospheric CO2 Helps Oak Trees Recover from Natural Disasters: Even from fires ... and hurricanes?

Arctic Copepods Getting Acidified ... Under Sea Ice ... in the Dark!: What was learned? ... and what does it imply?