How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 4:  22 January 2014

Two Decades of Overestimated Global Warming: How did it happen? ... and just how "overestimated" was it? Would you believe infinitely?

Subject Index Summary
Health-Promoting Effects of Elevated CO2 (Medicinal Plants): How will the ongoing rise in the atmosphere's CO2 content alter the amounts and concentrations of various health-promoting substances produced by medicinal or "health food" plants? A wealth of experimental data provides the answer.

Journal Reviews
Modeling Volcanic Aeorsol Impacts on Atmospheric Water Vapor: How well do the CMIP3 and CMIP5 models perform in this regard?

Simulating the Trigger of the Onset of the Indian Summer Monsoon: How well are the CMIP5 models performing in this regard?

Modeling Southern Hemisphere Mid-latitude Precipitation Trends: How well do the CMIP5 models perform in this regard?

Will Second Generation Biofuels Lead to Bioinvasions?: They very well could.

The World's Longest-Running Tropical Sponge Study: What does it reveal about the ability of the simplest of multi-cellular animals to tolerate heat?

Long-Term Effects of Elevated CO2 on Plant-Herbivore Interactions: What was learned from a 10-year study conducted in a scrub-oak ecosystem in Florida, USA?