How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 37:  10 September 2014

Back from the Dead: The Porites Corals of French Polynesia: How far back have they come? ... and how did they do it?

Subject Index Summary
Tropical Trees: How might earth's tropical trees likely respond to continued increases in the air's CO2 content? And what if global or local air temperatures were to rise simultaneously? Or if precipitation were to increase or decrease? These are questions that are of great significance and which therefore require much more than mere speculation. They require real-world data.

Journal Reviews
A New Analysis of ENSO Stability in Coupled Climate Models: What does it reveal?

CMIP5 Model Simulations of Ecosystem Carbon Storage Capacity: How well do the most up-to-date models do in meeting the ultimate goal of their creators?

Shrinking Salamanders! ... A Rapid Response to Global Warming: Just how rapid - and significant - is it?

Recovering from Drought and Nitrogen Stress in CO2-Enriched Air: Maize plants do it amazingly well.

As the Land Greens, More Blue Carbon May be Sequestered at Sea: Both land and sea mitigate the rate at which the atmosphere's CO2 concentration is rising.

Truly Plastic Plants Are Neither Made of Plastic Nor Sold in Stores: But the real McCoy can be found almost everywhere in nature.