How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 20:  14 May 2014

What the World Needs Now is a Lot Less Poverty: In a News & Analysis item recently published in Science, Kintisch (2014) discusses the most recent IPCC report, noting that it "is meant to be a practical guide to action," especially in regard to what the report identifies as eight major climate risks: coastal flooding, inland flooding, extreme weather, extreme heat, food insecurity, water shortages, loss of marine ecosystems and loss of terrestrial and inland water ecosystems. Interestingly, however, all eight of these threats already occur at various times and places throughout the world; and trying to prevent the harm they cause by mandating policies designed to reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions is the height of folly, as spending the trillions of dollars that would be needed to only maybe make an impact on these weather phenomena is far, far worse than doing nothing at all. And why is that?

Subject Index Summary
Medieval Warm Period (Asia: Japan): Climate alarmists have long claimed that the Medieval Warm Period was never a truly global phenomenon, because of the fact that it challenges another of their claims, i.e., that late 20th-century temperatures were the warmest of the past millennium or more. Hence, it is instructive to see what has been discovered about this subject in different parts of the world; and in this summary the focus is on Japan.

Journal Reviews
Global Sea Level Behavior of the Past Two Centuries: Has it been naughty or nice? ... i.e. faster or slower, in more conventional terms.

Looking for Progress in Modeling the Continental Indian Monsoon: How far have the CMIP5 models progressed beyond the CMIP3 models in this regard?

The Effects of Elevated CO2 on Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Toxin: What are they?

The Ability of Marine Invertebrates to Survive Ocean Acidification: How has it been acquired?

Effects of High CO2 on Seedlings Grown on an N-Limited Medium: Which wins? ... the high CO2 or the low nitrogen concentration?

How Warming Impacts the Germination and Vigor of Plants Grown from Recalcitrant Seeds: First of all, what are recalcitrant seeds? ... and why do we care about them?