How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 17:  23 April 2014

Evolution to the Rescue!: But can it get there fast enough? A new group of studies says Yes!

Subject Index Summary
Ocean Acidification of Corals (Laboratory Studies): More and more scientific studies are pointing toward a much more optimistic view of the future for the planet's corals. This summary examines what researchers have learned about the topic from several laboratory-based studies.

Journal Reviews
Three Centuries of New Climate Change Data for West Antarctica: Do they support or challenge the contentions of the world's climate alarmists?

The Little Ice Age in Central Mexico: What was recently learned about it? ... and how was it learned?

Long-Term Responses of Emiliania huxleyi to Ocean Acidification: Can they enable the ubiquitous coccolithophore to survive projected environmental changes?

The European-Wide and Holocene-Long Growth Rates of Fir Trees: How did they vary as the continental environment experienced various twists and turns?

Responses of Sea-Ice Algae to Projected Ocean Acidification Levels: In an environment comprised primarily of ice, can any algae respond positively to anything?

The Response Potential of Silver Fir Trees to Global Warming: The species may well be a whole lot more resilient than we ever expected.