How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 17 Number 12:  19 March 2014

Needing More Food, but Biting the Hand that Feeds Us: Why are we doing everything we can to fight against what we will surely need to survive but a few short decades from now?

Subject Index Summary
Simultaneous Ocean Acidification and Warming (Effects on Marine Animals: Echinoderms): Most of the ocean acidification research conducted to date has focused solely on the biological impacts of declining seawater pH. Few studies have investigated the interactive effects of ocean acidification and temperature. This summary examines what has been learned in such studies, focusing on the impacts of these two environmental variables on echinoderms. Its findings challenge the alarming and negative projections of the IPCC.

Journal Reviews
Urban Heat Islands of China: Are they hampering our ability to correctly determine real-world regional temperature trends?

The Sad State of Sub-Daily Precipitation in CMIP5 Climate Models: Just how sad is it?

Global Monsoon Precipitation Simulations: How do those of the FGOALS-s2 model compare with reality?

The Greening of Asia: What's been happening there over the past three decades?

Gorgonians' Thermal History Dictates Their Response to Warming: How do we know? ... and what does it imply about the outlook for the sea creatures' future?

Phytolith-Occluded Carbon in the Soils of China's Forests: How does it get there? ... and how significant a carbon depository is it?