How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 40:  2 October 2013

The Work of Umberto Monterin (1937) on the MWP & LIA in Italy: A "blast from the past" rips into the house of climatic cards built by the IPCC.

Subject Index Summary
Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Multiple): Many are the reasons given by climate alarmists for why the world is headed for a biological catastrophe if mankind's atmospheric CO2 emissions are not drastically curtailed. But even more impressive than their unsubstantiated claims are the experimental results of real-world studies of plant responses to both predicted changes in multiple climate variables and the many positive effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on plant growth and development that prove them wrong.

Journal Reviews
Urban Heating in China's Shenzhen Economic Zone: What are its major characteristics? ... and what implications do they have for human health?

The Fate of Boreal Peatland Carbon in a Warming World: Is it released to the atmosphere? ... where it amplifies the ongoing warming? ... as most climate alarmists claim is the case?

The Impact of Global-Warming-Induced Diurnal Temperature Range Reduction on Hospital Emergency Room Admissions in Beijing, China: As the warming-induced difference between daily maximum and minimum temperatures shrinks, do emergency room admissions rise, fall or stay about the same?

Upland Soils of the UK after Forty Years of Environmental Change: Have they been devastated by pollution and global warming?

Measuring and Modeling Global Vegetation Growth: 1982-2009: What do the measurements show? ... and what do the models suggest about what they show?

Tropical Tree Seedlings Exposed to Elevated Nighttime Air Temperatures: Can they survive such conditions? ... and even thrive in them?