How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 39:  25 September 2013

Modeling Top-of-the-Atmosphere Cloud Radiative Effects: How do state-of-the-art climate model results compare with real-world observations?

Subject Index Summary
Medieval Warm Period (Australia and New Zealand): Although much fewer and further between than in earth's Northern Hemisphere, reports of the Medieval Warm Period in the Australia/New Zealand part of the world tell pretty much the same story, which is that there is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about the planet's current degree of warmth, and that there is good reason to believe that what little warming has occurred over the past century or so was not produced by the greenhouse effect of anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Journal Reviews
Stratocumulus Clouds of the Subtropical North and South Atlantic: How well are the clouds and their impacts represented in CMIP3 models?

The Warming of Max and Min Temperatures in the US Great Basin: Which warmed the most over the past 110 years? ... and why is the answer so important?

The Warming of Max and Min Global Terrestrial Temperatures: Which warmed the most over the past 110 years? and what are the resultant implications?

Diurnal Temperature Range and Respiratory Tract Infections: How does the former affect the latter in Shanghai, China?

A Climate-Change-Induced Phenological Mismatch in a Wild Bird: Can the birds - great tits (Parus major) - successfully cope with the long-presumed deadly challenge?

Dying from Heat and Cold in China: Which is the Greater Killer?: Real-world evidence continues to indicate that cold is far more effective than heat in sending people to their graves.