How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 38:  18 September 2013

The Outlook for Modeling Clouds (Adequately) ... is Still Cloudy: A new study highlights some of the details.

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Drought (North America: Canada): The findings of a host of real-world studies conducted across a wide and varying geographic area indicate that much of Canada has experienced significantly less drought, as both it and the rest of the world have emerged from the global chill of the Little Ice Age and are now basking in the higher temperatures of the Current Warm Period.

Journal Reviews
24 CMIP5 Global Climate Models Applied to the Tibetan Plateau: How well do they replicate its historical (1961-2005) temperature and precipitation?

Modeling Temperature, Sea Level Pressure and Precipitation: CMIP5 vs. CMIP3: Which set of models does the better job?

A Multiplicity of Model Biases in NCEP's Climate Forecast System: How Do They Propagate in Modeling the Indian Summer Monsoon?: Let us count the ways!

Roots of Norway Spruce Trees Growing in CO2-Enriched Air: What happens aboveground significantly impacts what happens belowground.

Plastic Responses of a Marine Picoplankton to Ocean Acidification: The species is prepared in a number of ways to "live long and prosper" in CO2-enriched air.

Plastic Responses of an Arid-Zone Passerine to Summer Warming: The species is well prepared to "live long and prosper" in a global warming scenario.