How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 36:  4 September 2013

The Fate of Peatland Carbon in a Potentially Warming World: Will it be released back to the atmosphere, enhancing global warming? or will it do just the opposite: be added to and thereby reduce global warming?

Subject Index Summary
Medieval Warm Period (South America): Was there a Medieval Warm Period anywhere other than around the North Atlantic Ocean? Climate alarmists have long cried "No!" So a really good test of their claim would be to search for it all the way down in the Southern Hemisphere, which is what is done here for the entire continent of South America.

Journal Reviews
Southern Ocean Water Mass Circulation and Characteristics: How well are they simulated by CMIP5 models?

Modeling the East Asian-Western North Pacific Monsoon & ENSO: How well does the FGOALS-s2 model do?

A Phenological Mismatch Between a Wild Bird and Its Food Source: How is the bird's population affected by this warming-induced phenomenon?

The Future of Wheat Production on the North China Plain: Will yields be up? Or will yields be down? Folks concerned about the future would like to know.

What's That You Say? Fish Can Hear Better in High-CO2 Water?: Sounds good to me!

Climate-Induced Food Shortages and Mammalian Reproduction: Do we have any clues about how the former may affect the latter?