How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 34:  21 August 2013

Intraspecific Variation: Helping Species Survive Climate Change: Species composed of distinct subspecies (which many are) can often overcome the daunting challenge.

Subject Index Summary
Biospheric Productivity (Global: The Future): How will the productivity of Earth's terrestrial biosphere respond to future increases in atmospheric CO2? Will it usher in a good or a bad time for the biosphere?

Journal Reviews
Rainfall Measurements Throughout Northeast India: AD 1871-2008: How do they compare with the implications of state-of-the-art climate models?

Two Millennia of Climate Change on the Northern Tibetan Plateau: What do the data reveal about the nature of late-20th-century warming?

The Importance of Length-of-Record in Assessing Sea Level Change: How long of a tide gauge data set is needed to be able to accurately evaluate the magnitude of any global warming that may have been driven by human activities?

How Blue Mussels Tolerate Seawater of High CO2 Partial Pressure: Would you believe they do it by simply eating a little more each day???

Real-World Rapid Evolutionary Response to Recent Real-World Warming: We report on a study out of southern France that describes an example of the phenomenon.

The Multiple Impacts of "Ocean Acidification" on a Tropical Coral: A new study suggests there may be many; but their magnitudes appear to be miniscule.