How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 31:  31 July 2013

Meet the New Models: Are They Any Better Than the Old Models?: In many important ways, they are not.

Subject Index Summary
Medieval Warm Period (Asia: China): Climate alarmists have long claimed that the Medieval Warm Period was never a truly global phenomenon, because of the fact that it challenges another of their claims, i.e., that late 20th-century temperatures were the warmest of the past millennium or more. Hence, it is instructive to see what has been discovered about this subject in different parts of the world; and in this summary the focus is on China.

Journal Reviews
Modeling Multi-Scale Precipitation Variability in the Southwest US: How well do the models do what they are supposed to do in this regard?

The Medieval Warm Period in Northern Chile: How did its warmth compare with that of the Modern Warm Period in that part of the world?

The Range Expansions of Large Symbiont-Bearing Foraminifera: They continue to move poleward as the planet warms.

Cetaceans of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea: Going, Going ... Gone???: How has their abundance varied over the past two decades? Place your bets here, everyone.

Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Global Warming: How is the incidence of the former health risk affected by the latter phenomenon?

The Impacts of Warming on Myocardial Infarctions and Acute Coronary Angiographies: Are they harmful or helpful?