How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 15:  10 April 2013

Recent Snow-Driven Mass Change on the East Antarctic Ice Sheet: How has it impacted global sea level change? ... and what does it imply about the future

Journal Reviews
The Global Warming-Global Runoff Connection: What does the latter tell us about the former in these days of supposedly "unprecedented" high temperatures?

The Global Warming-ENSO Connection: Does it really exist? ... or is it merely the result of erroneous climate-alarmist conjecture?

Meteorology and Mortality in Rural Bangladesh: How does the former affect the latter? ... and what are the implications for the future?

Ecosystem Trophic Relationships in a Warmer World: Will they be sustained or disrupted?

Effects of Parental Environment on the Progeny of Coral Reef Fish: How do the former affect the latter within the context of ocean acidification?

The Capacity for Thermal Acclimation in Mosquitofish: How does it differ between populations and phylogenetic lineages within a species?

Ocean Acidification Database
The latest addition of peer-reviewed data archived to our database of marine organism responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment is Staghorn Coral [Acropora millepora]. To access the entire database, click here.