How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 14 Number 51:  21 December 2011

Ecological Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: How are they best determined?

Journal Reviews
Climate Change and Large-Scale Human Crises: How have the two phenomena been linked over the past millennium?

Tropical Cyclones: Their Future and Our Fate: A reasonable analysis comes up with some reasonable answers.

Dying From Heat Waves and Cold Spells in the Czech Republic: Which temperature extreme is the more deadly of the two?

Coral Species Richness a Full Decade After Two Bleaching Events: How did it change, both quantitatively and qualitatively?

Photosynthetic Down Regulation of Young Hybrid Larch Trees in Nitrogen Poor and Rich Soil: What effect does the phenomenon have on tree biomass production?

Ocean Acidification Database
The latest addition of peer-reviewed data archived to our database of marine organism responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment is Serpent Star [Ophiura ophiura] (Average rate of functional arm recovery after losing 20 mm of an arm length). To access the entire database, click here.