How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 14 Number 38:  21 September 2011

A 2300-Year History of the South American Summer Monsoon: What can it tell us about the temperature of the Medieval Warm Period?

Journal Reviews
Late 20th and Early 21st Century Storminess of the Perth, Australia Region: A new study tests the hypothesis that CO2-induced global warming is increasing the frequency and intensity of storms.

Recent Declines in Northern Rocky Mountain Snow and Runoff: How unusual have they been?

A "Reiter Review" of Global Warming and Malaria: Does the former promote the latter?

Impacts of Climate Change on Pacific Northwest Conifers: How similarly do trees at the upper limits of their altitudinal ranges respond to changes in temperature?

Surviving the Warmth of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: How many species were able to do it? ... how was it done? .. and why do we care?

Medieval Warm Period Project
The latest Medieval Warm Period Record comes from Fournier Swamp, New Caledonia.

Ocean Acidification Database
The latest addition of peer-reviewed data archived to our database of marine organism responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment is Serpent Star [Ophiura ophiura]. To access the entire database, click here.